Staff needed!
Started by DirewolF_ZA

Please apply using the link to our application here. You can also find the applications on the top navbar under 'More'.

As you may already know, we have very few staff members on our server, I prefer to do most of everything on my own with the help of the managers who do more than enough. Though we get everything done, we still need a helping hand now and then. We are looking for 2 Helpers for Dxrery. One that plays on Towny only, and one that is on Survival/Skyblock only.

This application is specifically for a Helper. Dxrery Networks currently has no need for Moderators or Admins but may in the future, for now, we are run by 3 senior staff and multiple helpers that do the dirty work. 


You will be contacted shortly but if you don't make the cut or we already found someone, we will keep your application for future reference. If your application is declined, it's not because you wouldn't make good staff but possibly because we already found who we wanted and can't take more at this stage.


Thank you for understanding. Hope to see a ton of applications! Make sure you are registered on the website before making an application!

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