Welcome to Dxrery's new website!
Started by DirewolF_ZA

Hello everyone, 

I'm officially opening up our new website for use, the old one (https://dxrery.enjin.com/) will still remain in use and won't be removed but will not be updated again. The store has been disabled there also. Please register on our new one here and please use your in-game Minecraft username so that it syncs with Discord/Minecraft. 

There will be lots of bugs but we will only find those bugs from having people use it, so please by all means go ahead. Most of our important server updates will remain on Discord. 

This website is just a place to keep our forum posts, use the store, and chat with others. There will be many more features coming to the website in due time.

Thank you all and please register! 



9 months ago