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Hello there everyone.  I hope everyone has been having a safe and great new year so far. It's going to be another crazy year but we'll get through it.  We have lots of exciting changes coming to Dxrery Networks coming this year. I'll try to mention a few of them below, this is subject to change as we decide to do more at a later stage.    Firstly you must have noticed we have decided to move from .com to .co.za. This is to avoid international issues and avoid more server attacks. Our server has been under constant attack for a year now, becoming more of a problem this December where it got so bad that it almost damaged hardware. I am really sorry that this is happening and someone sees the need to do this, but we will not shutdown. I won't stop because of it. So please use https://www.dxrery.co.za from now onwards, and play.dxrery.co.za/towny.dxrery.co.za from now onwards! We have a new lobby in the survival network as most have seen already. Please don't forget to claim your experience points in the lobby as there are rewards for the highest amounts at a later date. We also have a great new fun game-mode based on the Among Us game. This can be accessed from the lobby and needs at least 4 players to play a game. We also have a leaderboard there and top players will be rewarded too. We hope to see more people there soon. I know some people may find this disappointing but it is a necessity for when 1.17 is fully released and the plugins are up to date, we will be wiping the world of both Towny and Survival because 1.17 has new world generation. All regular players will get to keep their builds and have it moved to the new world. The economy, stats, etc, will remain the same. You will keep your items. If you are no longer a regular but wish to keep your build then please message staff so we can add you to the list of players who will have their towns/builds schematics taken before the wipe. We expect this to happen around March 2021.  As for the new RPG server currently in alpha, the news will be released about this soon. I hope to get a cinematic video of it released soon so everyone knows just how grand the scale of this new server will be. Stay tuned.    Thank you all for reading, I hope to see more in-game. Soon we will be back on top. Dxrery Networks always stands the test of time. This May 2021 will be our 3rd birthday!  Happy New Year!
6 months ago

Evening Members, Tonight I'll be opening our new Skyblock server. You are all welcome to join in, the IP is the same (play.dxrery.co.za) and you just have to click the Skyblock 2.0 NPC in the lobby. Please remember this is a brand new server and there may be bugs, report them if you do find anything. The main thing is to enjoy, I hope everyone has fun! Admins are in-game and available via discord, so just say something in chat and someone will help you. Have a good evening all.
8 months ago

Confused about how our ranking works in Dxrery? check below for a table on what each rank means, how it's earned, and what it looks like in-game.  This is the hierarchy of all ranks on the server. This is subject to change over time or more ranks to be added.  Take note:  For the VIP rank, it is based on the server you are playing on. 50 hours in Survival will give you VIP in survival. You would need 50 hours in Skyblock or Towny to earn VIP there also. If you are on our Discord server and earn VIP in any of the servers, you will get the VIP tag on our Discord as well.  The Master and Architect ranks are ONLY for Towny but will also show on Discord. 
9 months ago

Hello everyone,  I'm officially opening up our new website for use, the old one (https://dxrery.enjin.com/) will still remain in use and won't be removed but will not be updated again. The store has been disabled there also. Please register on our new one here and please use your in-game Minecraft username so that it syncs with Discord/Minecraft.  There will be lots of bugs but we will only find those bugs from having people use it, so please by all means go ahead. Most of our important server updates will remain on Discord.  This website is just a place to keep our forum posts, use the store, and chat with others. There will be many more features coming to the website in due time. Thank you all and please register!   
9 months ago

Please apply using the link to our application here. You can also find the applications on the top navbar under 'More'. As you may already know, we have very few staff members on our server, I prefer to do most of everything on my own with the help of the managers who do more than enough. Though we get everything done, we still need a helping hand now and then. We are looking for 2 Helpers for Dxrery. One that plays on Towny only, and one that is on Survival/Skyblock only. This application is specifically for a Helper. Dxrery Networks currently has no need for Moderators or Admins but may in the future, for now, we are run by 3 senior staff and multiple helpers that do the dirty work.    You will be contacted shortly but if you don't make the cut or we already found someone, we will keep your application for future reference. If your application is declined, it's not because you wouldn't make good staff but possibly because we already found who we wanted and can't take more at this stage.   Thank you for understanding. Hope to see a ton of applications! Make sure you are registered on the website before making an application!
9 months ago